My name is Nuno Carvalho and I'm a freelance photographer and a photography teacher.


I remember exactly when my interest in photography started.
It was around the time I was fifteen years old. Back then my father used to buy the newspaper every Sunday after church. At the time, the only thing that interested me about that newspaper was the Calvin & Hobbes comics which I red avidly. But then something new caught my attention. 

The newspaper started running an article entitled "The one hundred most important photographs of the XX century". Each week the article would feature an iconic photo that represented an important part of world history, or that became well known because of it's beautiful composition despite its trivial message. I was amazed.
Those images were beautiful, poignant, dramatic, but also funny, amusing and intelligent. Each one of them would have a different effect on me, and I would wonder how a simple image could achieve that. I immediately realized that they could transmit feelings and emotions through a well captured image of the people and situations that I choose to shoot.

And I started wondering if one day I would be able to make such photos. Many years later I did a photography course at the Portuguese Institute of Photography and I entered the world of photography as a freelancer.
Since then life has taken me to many places. Hopefully it will take me to many more.             And I know that wherever I go I will have my camera with me.